New Choos and afraid to wear outside!

  1. Hi All!

    I've bought a pair of Romy 110's a while back and they are simply stunning. Truly works of art. However, I am really afraid to wear them outside because the glitter seems so delicate. Does anyone have any experience with these and is there a way to protect them? So far I've only worn them around the house (they make me feel so glamorous!) and a little of the glitter has fallen off.

    Please advise :smile:

    P1.jpg ROMY110CGD_0C3003_SIDE.jpg
  2. Hi! I don't own Jimmy Choo glitter pumps, but I do have silver glitter flats, and I never had any problem with the glitter falling off. I got them years ago (possibly 6 years ago) and they still look good as new! You should find that even if you run your hand over the shoe that no glitter comes off. Hopefully the glitter that has fallen off yours were some extra flecks that weren't glued down properly. I would take them on test run outside and see how they do. If you continue to have the problem, then I would consider calling the store from which you purchased them and asking them if there is anything to be done about it.
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  3. Not sure if you are in the UK but the programme 'Rip off Britain' ran an article (yesterday) about a bride who bought a pair of JCs (silver glitter) After 6 hours the glitter had rubbed away and the top seam had started to split. JC did not accept any responsibility said it was 'wear and tear'. They got a panel of expert shoemakers to evaluate them. I'll try and find a link.
  4. Heres the link (its about 30 minutes in)
  5. I also have a pair of glitter flats, which I purchased about 5 years ago. Not sure if they are the same as cafecreme15's flats - mine are bronze. I have never had an issue with the glitter.
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  6. I have Jimmy Choo Abel in coarse black glitter, I've never had any problems with the glitter falling off. They look pristine; however I do completely understand your concerns, I tend to baby any of my Choos and consider what surfaces I am likely to be walking on (gravel, cobblestones, grass etc etc.)
    Your shoes are beautiful, wear and enjoy them :ghi5:
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  7. I have a pair of silver glitter Choos that I use for special occassions. They've held up without any issue of glitter falling off. Go ahead and wear them out and show them off !
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