New Chloes on sale at NAP!

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  1. I do not see any new Chloes on sale? The only one is the small Gladys tote that has been on sale for ages.
  2. switch to the US site
  3. oh wow, thanks so much for posting!!!
  4. I was going to post this :P There's some good stuff to be had!
  5. WOW, there are so many sales right now, between Nordstrom, Saks, NM, BG and now NAP -- what's a girl to do? AND the Chloe Boutique is starting their sale in a couple of days!
  6. Oh no! I just bought the Conteen from AR and a Miu Miu from NM, and now NAP is on sale?!! What to do...what to do?? ......can't stop shopping.
  7. Diabro is authentic. And in general, they are not really very cheap – no cheaper than getting from Europe after getting tax refund for non-EU shipping.
  8. Hi, you mentioned that chloe boutique starting sale. Will it be all of their stores ie USA and Paris/London stores as well? Thanks
  9. It is at the Chloe Boutique in CA. and NY.
    I don't know about Paris/London.
  10. Hi,

    I've recently joined your web site. I was told about it from a buyer on Ebay. I sold her an Hermes Birkin bag, and she was telling me this is a great place to share information about handbags. I'm attaching photos of my dressing room where I keep most of my handbags.



    I hope my dressing room photos show up - I'm not sure how to post photos here, so I hope this works.

    I had decided to buy some Chloe handbags - yes, I thought about it for years, (I'm probably buying them when they are going out of "style," but I'm a jeans kind of girl, and they look perfect for my lifestyle) but I am tired of my Louis Vuitton bags, and I really like the slouchiness of the Chloe line.

    Your Chloe forum helped me to buy two handbags on Ebay in the last couple of days. I used your forum to look at different things on the handbags before I purchased. And then someone posted a sale going on at a European store that I had never heard of, and I bought two more Chloe bags. So, I'm on my way to having a Chloe collection. So, thank you so much for all the information that you have provided. I'll provide photos when they arrive.

    If anyone wants close ups of my handbags for their reference libraries, let me know, and I'll be happy to provide.

    Happy to be a member! :smile:
  11. :welcome: welcome to the PURSE FORUM and hope that you really enjoy your new paddies to come! and post pics, please!
    I am in :heart: w/ur dressing room! There's a thread somewhere probably under Bags, bags, bags sub-forum, where you can post your dressing room pics and others, not just Chloe-fans can view them!
    thanks for sharing!
  12. Thank you for your welcome! I'll do that - I'll find the place to post photos of my dressing room. I'll do close-ups later.

    And this thread is invaluable to me as I live in Cincinnati, and there is nowhere, and I mean nowhere, to buy Chloe where I live. So, putting me in touch with the European stores is great! I love those prices at the AVR store (I think that was the intial used). I ordered a whiskey Silverado and the taupe Paddington. :yes: I have shopped at NAP before, so I knew about their Chloe line.