New Chloes on Overstock

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  1. Thanks Chinkyi23....I wonder how those other style Elvires compare to mine in softness.
  2. I was wondering the same as well. The style that I like in the elvire is the one on their website. Guess its the satchel. I felt up :P one a while back in bloomies when it first came up and felt the leather was not too soft. So i'm not sure how these will be. How would you compare the leather on your patent elvire to the paddy leather?
  3. The patent Paddy was also very soft but the whole bag had more of a shape so all in all wasn't as soft and smooshy.
    The patent Elvire cannot keeps is shape from how soft it is, but its gorgoues when its carried. Its to die for when you first touch it.

    I didn't get that same wow feeling from the paddy...
  4. I have the elvire satchel in black and it's structured and soft at the same time. Definitely not soft like a paddy but the leather is really bubbly kind of like a spy?? I really like it, very different in my opinion. I also like that the leather on the sides is kind of patent. I like patent bags but just can't convince myself to buy one so this gives me just enough of the trend, kwim.