New Chloe's on Overstock

  1. For new customers: Use code 85721 for 10% off:tup:
  2. Yes I see the new Chloes too! :smile:
  3. The plum paddy looks yummy
  4. Yes it does. Very tempting but just got a paddy early this morning from overstock. So I can't get this one. Hope another tpfer gets it.
  5. Looks like the plum paddy is gone. Did anyone here get her? I hope so.
  6. I just returned three paddingtons to overstocks. I think one was a fake! I got a black Paddy with black hardware from my kids and the handle came off when i took it out of the dust cover!
  7. That's scary. I just ordered one.
  8. Don't worry - just make sure the bag you get has a security tag. Post it in "authenticate this." If it's not the real deal, you can return it. I've ordered from Bluefly (Chloe and Gucci) and both were authentic. Good luck!