New Chloe's at "Cricket"

  1. Have you chloe addicts seen all the new chloe stock that has arrived at Cricket, at least 40 different ones. What do you guys think of the long one with the padlock on the side?
  2. Not too sure about that style yet. Perhaps it looks a little short and long to me. Probably need to look at it more.

    So many mini Paddingtons! I know a lot of members have been wanting baby paddies :P
  3. Same here it reminds me of a dashound dog!!!!!!!!!
  4. I too was thinking that! I didn't want to be so forward, just in case you :love: it!
  5. Thanks for posting this. I know Kiptrip was after a baby Paddy in Mousse!!! Kip, where are you??
  6. SUE! Thanks so much for the notice. I've had a MAD weekend coz my friend flew over for a visit so I haven't visited here in a while!

    I'm having a browse through this Cricket website now, and WOW WOW WOW is all I can say about the wide selection they have!!! I'll keep you all posted on my decisions about the baby paddy.. to hold out for the new fall colours (I hear dark blue with silver HW is coming in :nuts:) or to just go for the mousse baby now?? Argh!
  7. So is that a completely new style? S/S 05 I had a paddington with the lock on the side, most people called them the `east/west`

    Is this smaller?
  8. I've just seen it IRL and I'm really not a big fan of it. The buckles really make the bag I think, and the lack thereof just makes it look a little.. inadequate? It's a nice simple alternative though, for those who like less fuss on their bags!
  9. kiptrip are you talking about the padlock on side one? Is it smaller than the original 'east/west'?
  10. Heya, yeah I am! It's much smaller I believe. I thought it was the east west for a minute, but I spotted the missing buckles, and it seems to be the mini version of the east west.
  11. ooo interesting....its quite expensive for a mini isnt it! Thats more than the original size E/W was!