new chloes at BG

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  1. I just checked out the chloe site at Bergdorf and found them to have both the whisky and the ivory paddington as well as a number of other new Chloes available for purchase now with free ship code gift05 delivery end of February, no tax in my state too. $1500. seems to be the going rate. I ordered the ivory and the whisky which I had previously ordered from NM but I like the no tax.
  2. Thanks but I just ck BG and the paddies are gone now. NM only got the whiskey paddy available.
  3. I just checked again and they are still there. Try refreshing your page when you get there and see if they show up.
  4. aw darnit, gonna refrain myself, waiting for the baby paddingtons...
  5. They're pre-order, just like NM. It looks like NAP is the only place that has them in-stock and ready to ship right now.
  6. I would order the whiskey from NAP so you can get it now, why wait til feb. It is wierd that NM has the pre order for the white/ivory color since that was actually last seasons color(chalk is the official name). This season s/s color is cream.

    The dark grey is very dark it almost looks black.

    Fayden that is wierd the grey color looks like the brown on your screen,hmmm.
  7. yep, it's really hard to see the gray, it just looks like a darker brown.
  8. On my screen, the chocolate definitely looks browner. The dark gray looks very charcoal to me. It's a nice color, very neutral.
  9. Try to adjust the color on your monitor. lol The choco brown should be more of a dark burgundy on NAP. :lol:
  10. Fayden I just saw that you have a paddy wallet in your collection section, can you post pics of the inside of it? please.
  11. aaaah, i see. it is like a very muted color, the chocolate looks yummier. there is a slight red in the chocolate. very nice.
  12. ok gimme a couple of minutes
  13. Ladies, I feel like I've been LIVING in cyber space (mostly on purse blog, NM and NAP nowadays) for the past few wks. It's like an unhealthy addiction for me. Help... :lol: :lol: :lol:
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