new chloes at BG


Nov 9, 2005
I just checked out the chloe site at Bergdorf and found them to have both the whisky and the ivory paddington as well as a number of other new Chloes available for purchase now with free ship code gift05 delivery end of February, no tax in my state too. $1500. seems to be the going rate. I ordered the ivory and the whisky which I had previously ordered from NM but I like the no tax.
NAP got the new dark gray color now!!!

I would order the whiskey from NAP so you can get it now, why wait til feb. It is wierd that NM has the pre order for the white/ivory color since that was actually last seasons color(chalk is the official name). This season s/s color is cream.

The dark grey is very dark it almost looks black.

Fayden that is wierd the grey color looks like the brown on your screen,hmmm.
Ladies, I feel like I've been LIVING in cyber space (mostly on purse blog, NM and NAP nowadays) for the past few wks. It's like an unhealthy addiction for me. Help... :lol: :lol: :lol: