New Chloes at Aloha Rag

  1. Aloha Rag just got in a new shipment of Chloe's. They have the med paddy in orange and the mini in black, plus lots of the other styles too.

    Happy Shopping!
  2. Love the orange paddy!!! I keep thinking it's not the bag for me but it is sooo pretty.....
  3. I was a bit worried that the mousse color wouldn't work, but it's terrific!

    Although I am still looking for the classic tan and blanc :smile:

    Plus a rouge for special days!

  4. I am looking for rouge and whiskey. Let me know if you come across those colors, and I will look out for you.
  5. I absolutely ADORE the orange color!! Aside from Whiskey, it is my favorite :love:
  6. The oragne color is so pretty!
  7. Wow, are we sure that "orange" paddington isn't just the whiskey? Perhaps they misnamed it? The color is sooooo close to whiskey? It may look a tad darker than whiskey but whiskey can sometimes photographs differently (sometimes light, sometimes dark).
  8. Hmmmm....I'm still not convinced that they just didn't have the name wrong. Take a look at a photo of this whiskey paddington #1 and Aloharag's "orange" which is photo #2. Both look almost identical.

    Whiskey can be photographed differently, so I added photo #3 to show how different the color can look under different lighting/camera, etc.

    I could be wrong though....fellow Chloe ladies, what do you think?

    Photo #1 Credit : Murakasi
    Photo #2 Credit: Aloharag

    whiskey.jpg 6asa02padmorga.jpg whiskey1.jpg
  9. I was looking at the BELT POCKET PADDINGTON BAG. It could be the same thing, who knows.
  10. I would have to say that that is indeed orange. I was in NM today and saw this exact bag. It looks pretty much like it does in the photo when you see it IRL, maybe a little more orangey in person. It does have an orange look to it, just not an icky orange. (More like an Hermes potiron??)

    BTW, does anyone know if the cream/flesh is the same as the blanc or if its a different color???
  11. I'm on vacation in SoCal right now and went to South Coast Plaza today in Costa Mesa and saw some new paddies at Nordstroms there. I saw some "orangey" paddies and a wallet in the same color but it was not whiskey. I would describe it as a very intense coral color... I think this is the new "orange" (or whatever the official name is for this color) for Fall 2006? I didn't think to take pics though. If anyone is interested, there are TONS of Chloes there: paddingtons, silverados, ediths, the other styles... I'm not up to speed on the new colors and styles anymore.

    This new orange was very coral: red/orange
    Whiskey is orange/brown.
  12. Thanks for clarifying! I wasn't sure since websites tend to rename bags. I don't think they are producing the whiskeys for fall '06. When I asked my SA she told me that they weren't on the "order" list. I guess the ones we see online are returns? :shrugs:

    It's kinda a shame when they don't reproduce the colours. I would love to see '06 Craies.
  13. Here's my orange paddy, I love it !
  14. I have seen Orange & Whiskey IRL, they look different -- you can tell them apart. I personally prefer Whiskey.
    Cream looks very nice in person.