New Chloe

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  1. Has anyone seen this bag? I found it on LVR, but the dimensions are not listed (that I can tell, anyway). I am guessing it is "taller" than the Paddy. Also, the colors are mousse and taupe...this is one, and the other is a tan-ish color. Would this be the mousse?

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  2. Do you know what Chloe model it is? I haven't seen it before.
  3. I don't really care for this style. It kind of reminds me of a camera bag or something...I like the satchel much better...:amuse:
  4. I love the color and the shape! I wish they'd make one of these bags without the lock. I'm sorry I can't answer any of your questions. I am not familiar with the bag. I'm sure someone will be able to help you.
  5. It just says "Big Paddington with Pocket" and it's on LVR.
  6. I love it, for someone tall cause its a big bulky bag. I love it though. its great.
  7. Whoa, it's HUGE!

  8. Cute bag. I love the color and the size.
  9. That is the mousse color. That looks huge, but their photos always seem unproportioned to me.
  10. hmm...i'm not crazy about it
  11. umm...not a huge fan of this.
  12. i love it, and i LOVE the mousse color. i'm going to get my regular paddy in that color.
  13. Love that color, but it looks huge on the model.
  14. I do love the COLOR though...if they have that color in the new, Zipper Paddy, I would get it!:amuse: