New Chloe Styles on BG.COM

  1. Saw the new Tracy in whiskey on BG.COM. Absolutely a gorgeous color IMO. Not too crazy about the Edith Shopper what do you guys think.
  2. I too am loving the Tracey :smile:
    Think it will be a popular bag this autumn.
  3. yeah im loving the Tracey too.....saw a few IRL today
  4. How does the Tracey leather compare with the Betty leather? :girlsigh:
  5. I love it in contrasting colors, check it out:

    and oh, I just have to include this pic as well....:
    Gator-Edith :smile:
  6. What is Nothing comes up for me with that address

  7. I guess I am the only one not feeling the Tracy satchel. It looks kinda plain and Burlington Coat Factor-y for me. I also have something against wide shoulder straps. But that's my own oddness!
  8. Thanks.................I feel stupid, couldn't put bg and Bergdorfs together, duh! :shame:

    Thank you

  9. [​IMG]I am in LUST with this bag and color!LOL!
  10. I looked at the Tracy again today - definately liking it! think im going for the two pocket one

    (pic from LVR)
    tracy 2 pocket.jpg
  11. Thanks Miss Bradshaw - I really think that for me it's the whiskey color more so than the actual style. It may be the lighting of the picture. I really need to see one IRL.
  12. I am not sure what colour to go for - the all black is a little dull (the hardware is black too) - so it will either be the lighter brown or this one which is more of a whiskey (reddish) like you say.

    I have the Edith in whiskey already though, so I might have to sell that!
  13. Also I think the straps are more user friendly than the betty as the leather seams softer
  14. I also have the Edith and Paddington in Whiskey but the colors appear to be completely different in all three. Please don't sell your Edith - it's an absolute classic!!