new Chloe style . . . has anyone seen it?

  1. [​IMG]

    the one on the right w/the pockets on the side. It's sooo cute!! I'd LOVE it on orange -- and also brown.

  2. Mammab, I just bought one a few days ago! Except in a pinkish-nude tone. The brown was really cute but I already have a choco paddy so I decided to let it go ;)
  3. It is a very cute bag. Do you mind if i ask how much?
  4. Is that the new creme - could you post pics pretty please. I'd love to see the colour "IRL":smile:
  5. Twigz -- what colors it that? OMG -- you must post photos of it. I think this style is really cute !!!
  6. Hi! i bought the bag on the right but then returned it as it was just far too heavy for me and i wanted it for everyday use! It cost me £970. Did you buy it? How's it going?
  7. I love the one on the right. So nice.
  8. I saw the one on the right in orange. I think it is a little too large for me.
  9. Ditto! :love:
  10. I saw the cream today at the trunk show and it is the best cream ever. Better than ivory and not a hint of yellow but more a hint of brown. It is beautiful if you were wanting a cream bag.
  11. Off topic, but did you think the Trunk show was worth going to? Any news on the Chloe front?

  12. Ooooh that style is cute and the colour sounds perfect..!!! :love: You're lucky girl, congrats!:flowers:

    .....It sounds a bit like sable 05 - I'd love to own a paddy in that colour some day! I just wonder could it be that they're making the new styles in older seasons sold out colours...? However, it sounds gorgeous and that style is beautiful:girlsigh: ....I'd love to see pictures! :angel::P