New Chloe...Should I keep a metallic?

  1. I just bought a new Metallic Chloe on sale (at Nordstrom) for $795, it was originally 1800! I know it's a great deal, but do you think Metallics will be OUT of style soon? Is it worth it to keep it if I will only carry it for one season? help!

    It looks like this, but I think it's the bigger version
  2. as long as the color isn't too bling-y should be fine. but do you really love the style enough to carry it more than one season?
  3. I agree w/ fayden but then again thats a FANTASTIC deal! I dont like the style of the purse as much as I like the Paddy but I'd still keep it for that price!
  4. here's my reply from the other thread you made :smile:

    Designer metallic bags will become classics each year imo. even lv is coming out with its mirroire line this fall in stores. the guccissima gold remains a hot item. and marc jacobs, dior and chanel also have metallic classics in their new collections. i believe they are here to stay, especially the leather-dyed luxe metallics. i too almost thought they would be gone but i think it is just the boho-inspired ones or the too-much-studded/grommets/tassled ones that will go. the metallic dye is too beautiful for a leather fashion item for the fashionistas to forget it.
  5. I have a gold silverado - just bought it in the NAP sale. It is the most stunning bag I own. I think metallics are classics too - especially this one because it's not that bling - it's a very muted antique gold and it looks great with everything I wear. It will fit very nicely into my autumn/winter wardrobe too. I have yet to find anything it doesn't work with really. It's a stunner. Here's some pics from when I opened mine:
  6. I have made this post before. My metallic silver paddington started chipping three months after I purchased it. So beware. I was so upset and Net A Porter took it right back!
  7. So sorry that happened, I heard a few stories about the metallic paddies. But the Silverado leather is completely different. It has a very thick graining and is very durable. I nearly had a fit the other day because I scraped it against a wall, and was surprised to find that it didn't even mark. It seems to be quite a tough little cookie :yes:
  8. OO thats good! it didn't chip from me cratching it against something it started rubbing off. But it seems the silverado is different. I just wanted to warn everyone so they know before getting it. But if you get it from Nordstrom I am sure they will take it back if something like that happens.
  9. I say keep it.
  10. It helps to know what color and what style too. Some styles are more durable than others, imo. Congrats though! I think the metallics will be big again in fall too, aren't they every year? :wonder: Sometimes, I feel like we go in circles.
  11. I say keep it too! I have 2 anthracite bags the paddy & zippy and they are amazing .......... no problems with color rubbing or anything ... I've had them for 8 months and use them weekly.
    You got a Scccchhhmmmmoookin deal -- CONGRATS!
  12. You'll love the metallic bag... I carried my silver paddy into Saks tonight and the SA in the handbags commented on it- saying "I have people calling and asking for that bag but they can't get it" and saying how great a metallic is to wear with jeans... I love mine and metallics are still in for fall from everything I've seen. My only prob is I need to start carrying my chocolate betty-- but so far I can't seem to put the silver paddy down!
  13. Keep it!!! :smile:
    I think metallic colours, specially the gold one are very easy to work into an outfit with earthy colours, particularly black, brown, marron or red. This colour is definitely not a one season colour :yes:
  14. Is it the silverado large doctor?! I just paid over $1900 (including tax) earlier this year on that! :cry: How come I miss out on the great deals? I need to learn to be patient..