New Chloe Sale Items at Tysons Nordies

  1. Just got back from a lunchtime visit, and they have new (mostly returned) Chloes added to the sale table.

    Chain Bettys in black, brun, argent and python, and a satchel Betty in argent. I am not sure about Betty sizing, but I think these are smalls.
    Large chain betty two-handled zipper tote in black.
    Satchel Paddies in jade--medium and the large square one.
    Hobo Paddies in olive and mastic.
    Silverado in brown with python.
    Lots of Edith totes, including a gold metallic.

    No further price reductions yet--still 40% off.

    I picked two Bettys--a hobo in Chamois (the last one), and the chain handled tote (still one of these left).
  2. Thanks! Do you have the phone number?
  3. You can call the main number at 703-761-1121 and they will connect you to the department. I didn't get the name of the SA who helped me, but she was great.
  4. I called up and got the Python Chain Betty in Mastic...omg this is the bag I've wanted forever! Thanks for posting this.