New Chloe Paddington Minis Arrived From Nordstrom's! Rouge & Muscade

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  1. Here are photos of my new Chloe mini paddingtons that I ordered from Nordstroms. I have already carried the red. I would like to get everyone's opinion on the Muscade. I have shown the bags together so that you can see the beautiful colors of each. I have also shown photos of the two Chloe paddingtons that I bought on Ebay. There are a lot of photos, so I hope that I post them correctly, and if not, I'll try again. :yahoo: Annette

    And I rec'd an e-mail from LVR that my shipment is on its way - I just checked the fedex tracking number, and the shipments are here in Cincinnati, so maybe I'll receive them tomorrow????:yes:
  2. niiiice backyard, lools like the hudson valley! ok back on topic. love the muscade and the red. so pretty. also love your LV collection!!
  3. Thank you! I have just started with the Chloe addiction! I just love that leather. I also went to Louis Vuitton this weekend, and I bought that little denim bag with all the cute little key holders - it's from their Cruise Collection. I can't recall the exact name of it. I'm going to post photos of all my handbags in the different sections - I have been collecting handbags for ten years, and I have a beautiful collection, if I do say so myself! :heart: Just love them all. And they also had the Speedy Gold Miroir bag there. My daughter (16) looked at it and loved it, and I said that I didn't care for it. I didn't know they were a new bag, and my SA knows not to push me if I say I don't care for something, but I do wish that she would have told me that those bags were waitlisted. I think I would like the Speedy in the silver miroir. Maybe...the bag definitely makes a statement, and I would want to try it first.
  4. I LOVE the red! The muscade is beautiful, too!
  5. Lovely.
  6. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! From the bags to the backyard! WOW!!!
  7. i don't really care for the miroir line either. too flashy not really my thing. maybe something small like the cles. that would be it. wow 10 years!!! i've only been in this for 3. that chloe leather is addictive isn't it?
  8. Thanks everyone! It is so nice to share my handbag passion with others who truly understand! I love my backyard too - it is so private. I'll have to take photos of the wild turkeys, deer and the occasional coyote that slinks past. Off topic - sorry. ;) I was careful to mark my handbag photos before I posted them so that no counterfeiters could use the photos. I learned that here! Is there a good watermark software program that anyone has used to safeguard their photos? I did a google search, and several programs popped up, but I would really like to know if anyone has a specific program that they liked? Annette
  9. Really cute bags. Love, love, love the view!!!
  10. Thanks Roxane! :yes: We have had a heat wave in the Ohio Valley area, and it has made it really nice to be outside in December.
  11. I love them both, especially the Muscade!!! The red is gorgeous too, but not my style...
  12. Thanks rinstar!
  13. Those bags are soo cute! I love the rouge and the muscade!!! Enjoy :smile:
  14. they are soo cute and lovely.
  15. Beautiful handbag collection! I also love your deck and yard.