New Chloe Paddi with black padlock! BEAUTIFUL!

  1. In October 2006 I bought a beautiful black Chloe Paddington with the new black padlock from Harvey Nichols in London! I am very pleased with it! The change in the color of padlock makes it stand out! I'll post a pic soon! Anyone else have this bag?
  2. DOn't have it but sounds fab - looking forward to seeing pics.
  3. I'm pretty sure this is the bag she is talking about. I almost got this one, but then got a vlack paddy with gold lock instead. It's gorgeous though!!

  4. Never seen it in person, although I have seen the cosmetic pouch with the black padlock. It looks good, like a goth version of the beloved Paddy!
  5. Yall crack me up! I guess it could be Goth, I am trying to see it. ----"Marilyn Manson was seen today leaving the Ivy clutching a divine black Chloe":nuts:

    I am so far from Goth!!! I am just more addicted to matching my jewelry, buttons etc. with the like metals. That is a habit left over from another generation!
    If I feel any way diff when carrying the black/black Paddy, I probably feel more like a Harley-riding wannabe! vrrroooom!
  6. i have it in the baby size. i love it but after only 6 wks, the hardware is noticeable chipping :sad: (actually, i started to see chips after only 2 wks) i wish i had got a black with silver hardware but alas there wasn't one on sale.
  7. I'm waiting on my store to supply me this type of lock for my Paddy since I bought the bag without a lock...I also wish they made the hardware silver instead of black-on-black. You can barely see the lock lying on the bag!
  8. Got the shopper version of this. I think it's cute. Once I get my camera fixed I can upload a photo.
  9. Is that the metallic black one? I remember seeing the metallic black on sale at Net-a-porter. I don't think I have seen the black lock on the regular leather.
  10. I really love this bag!
  11. I just got back from Paris with a new black Chloé paddington tote in my luggage. I really love the black padlock and details. I think it looks more classy and cool than the golden ones.

    And even better: I got it on sale - 50 percent off!:yahoo:

  12. Wow! That's les soldes prices for you! Where did you get it from? Straight from the Fbg. Saint Honoré store or at a department store?
  13. I got it from a pretty exclusive store in Marais,in Rue de Rosiers that sells designer clothes and bags from Chloé. Apart from the one I bought they also had one black and one brown betty marked down.
  14. Nineveli do you remember the name of the store? I'll keep that in mind the next time I go. Congratulations on your new bag!
  15. Eucalyptic: The store is called L'Eclaireur - it's definately worth checking out!:smile: