New Chloe in BG Fall Preview

  1. Here you's called "Tracy" and it's $1645
  2. Nice! Are metallics back on trend this fall?
  3. I think it's black (not sure), but I do think metallics are going to be hot for fall again.
  4. lol! I was just looking at that myself!
  5. I am loving that bag!
  6. That's beautiful :love:

    I am wishing that there weren't so many sales on Chloe everywhere as it makes it impossible to resell to reinvest in the new season bags :oh:
  7. Nice, but it's a little plain.
  8. I'm not a fan. It looks like a cross between Marc Jacobs and Prada (with the luggage tag).
  9. ^^^ I agree with Angst. Not too crazy about that one. I would take the Pewter Betty first, I think.
  10. Ooooh, I REALLY like that!
  11. I am noticing that a lot of one designer's bags look very similar to the new YSL "Anais" has the same straps as the Chloe Betty. I guess no one has any original ideas this fall. Except Furla and Kooba.
  12. ^^^ This is why I am happy with my current collection :love:
  13. would love to see ur current collection tho . ;)
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