New Chloe handbag for Spring/Sumer 07

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Check out the new Chloe handbag for Spring/Summer: ::: shopping online

    Now, the new Edith comes with different fabric, and it also comes with shoulder Strap. Very cool. I want another one now!!! :drool:
  2. Oooooh nice! I really like the look of the Bay. The leather just looks scrumptious! I don't know how I like the mini lock on the tote and other bag, it just looks kind of weird.
  3. i love the round edith
  4. I wonder what the leather will be like on the "aged" paddington.
  5. I like the new Edith with the shoulder strap and the Bay.
  6. Yes. I love the bay too. It looks so soft and yummy!!!
  7. I hope I'm not offending anyone, but I don't care for ANY of these new bags...sigh... I do like the python clutch I suppose. I'm afraid for Chloe!
  8. Saks has the Bay in their catalog. The leather looks really nice! Here is a pic (I wish we still had thumbnails :crybaby: ):

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  9. Hmmm... those aged leather paddys look like they have creamy or tan painted locks, it will be interesting to see them in real...? :yes:

    Bays look nice, especially in the picture ETenebris posted..!! :love:
  10. I don't care much for the Bay (especially not the quilted version):s

    That said, i do like the Bay mini pouch, the canvas Edith, the canvas Chloe logo small handbag and the Aged paddy.:yes: :heart:
  11. Well alot the a/w bags havent caught on as much as Chloe would hope, especially the ollie and the tracey, but it only takes one celeb to wear it! thats often how fickle the fashion industry is ;) I think the shoulder bay has the potential to be a winner, it looks like it would smouch down quite nicely, but sometimes, until you see them IRL you cannot appreciate how nice they are, so I will hold off on judgement for now! :smile:
  12. I think the bay is kind of nice. Not sure if I would purchase it, but really like the zippers on it. The leather looks delicious. Also really like the ones in python. Especially the clutch.
    But I have to say that I don't really see the mixed ediths happening. Do not like the mixture of leather and cotton.
    I really prefer the ones in all leather
  13. don't like the new ediths w/the straps...perhaps if I see them IRL? I really don't like the fabric/leather combo ediths either...:sad:

    I think the Bays are nice except for the enormous zipper pulls! The leather almost looks balenciaga-ish--distressed...also the aged paddington--is that distressed leather on it, too? esp. on the greenish one? cream padlock? hmmm....would have to see in real life...could be kinda cute.
  14. I want to see these IRL. I did not like the betty at first until I saw it in person and then BAM. It was love!
  15. The zippers on the bay...I don't know, for some reason they make me think of camel snot. Do I sound psycho? I think other than the zippers, the bay's alright. I don't like the quilted though, and I suppose the zippers are kind of the focus of the design.