New Chloe from Overstock is here!

  1. :yahoo:
    ChloeRed1.jpg ChloeRed2.jpg ChloeRed3.jpg
  2. Pretty! Love the color.
  3. OOO that is GORGEOUS !! Congrats
  4. beautiful!
  5. Very nice! Love that shape!
  6. pretty! Can you model it for us please? I want to see how it looks.. Thanks.
  7. congrats its a beautiful colour!
  8. ooooh pretty!!!! Congrats
  9. Grace123 - how do YOU feel about your new rouge tall satchel paddy?
  10. Congrats! The red is so vibrant and beautiful!
  11. :yahoo::wlae::supacool::okay::woohoo:

    I LOVE it! I love the color, the size, the style. The leather is gorgeous, it looks like an easy bag to get into and to carry and it's definitely a showstopper!
  12. Wow, gorgeous bag! Congrats & enjoy!!
  13. Grace123 - Glad to hear you LOVE your new Chloe!!! It's even more beautiful in your pics :drool:, compared to the pics on Overstock :tup: Wear it in good health!!!

    BTW I know I'm being bad here but you may want to consider getting the cute paddy key ring from LVR (my avatar) - mine ended up $121.00. The vermillon key ring matches my rouge '06 Paddy exactly!
  14. congrats!
  15. Beautiful! Great to see an authentic high end bag coming from Overstock. I've shopped there for years.