New Chloe Fragrance to be Launched in February '08.

  1. Some pics from the advertising campaign:

    Chloe Fragrance (launched Feb 2008) Ad (Anja Rubik).jpg Chloe Fragrance (launched Feb 2008) Ad (Chloe Sevigny).jpg Chloe Fragrance (launched Feb 2008) Ad (Clemence Poesy).jpg Chloe Fragrance (launched Feb 2008) Ad (Chloe Sevigny, Anja Rubik & Clemence Poesy).jpg Chloe Fragrance (launched Feb 2008) Double Page Ad (Anja Rubik), small.jpg
  2. Peony and Lychee notes? Yum!
  3. Thanks for the pics Chloehandbags. Was there a scratch and sniff?:graucho: or did you find this online?
  4. ^ No, unfortunately not, imon, I found it online. :smile:

    No problem, BTW! :flowers:
  5. Hey CHB, I started a strand on the same subject yesterday, so great minds clearly think alike:yes:.I wonder if the perfume will be available on-line @Harrods and when it'll stop being exclusive to Mr Fayed's establishment ? If only I hadn't earmarked my new Elvire as DH's Valentines gift to me,I might have suggested the perfume instead. Looks like Feb 1st may be the time for a spot of self-gifting ;).

  6. Well, of course! ;)

    BTW, just in case you haven't checked your thread, yet, I replied to it and linked it to this one. :tup:

    Yes, very good question. I'm guessing a month, or two? But I'm probably completely wrong. :sweatdrop:

    Yes, it would be very convenient if it was available from the Harrods online store, wouldn't it?

    Mind you, if it suits me, it'll be a miracle, as virtually nothing does, for some reason! :nogood:

    Having said that, I tried the original Chloe fragrance, recently and surprisingly, it wasn't too bad on me; so if it's even remotely similar, maybe there's hope? :smile:

    Yes, good idea! :tup:
  7. Does anybody know what the price will be?
  8. It's a very manly looking bottle... well, apart from the pretty ribbon and the dainty lid and the... aahhh, forget it.

    Meanwhile, I know chloe sevigny, but who are the other models? The one with her mouth open looks familiar (bridget hall?), as does the one who's holding the bottle up to her face... who are they?

  9. LOL! :lol:

    Yes, it is a bit masculine, isn't it? Especially when compared with the original Chloe perfume bottle (which I love!).

    I do like it, though. :yes:

    The one with her mouth open is Anja Rubik (they chose her, because the bottle's a cube [joke!]) and the other one is Clemence Poesy (a French actress, who was in Harry Potter).
  10. Spoke to the (frankly clueless :s) women on the Coty counter at Harrods today (Coty are the brand behind Chloe perfume for those of you who don't already know!). None of them seemed to know whether the perfume would be available on-line, although one ventured an opinion that it probably would only be available in-store for the first few weeks and be on sale on-line after that.

    I guess our best bet would be to call Harrods on Feb 1st and see what they say then. It's funny isn't it ...I haven't even smelled the fragrance, but because it's Chloe I instantly want to buy it (I'm sure Pavlov would have something to say about that :s!)
  11. Thanks CHB - it was driving me crazy! I do recognise Clemence, but she looks so much older and more mature :wtf:

    And LOL I only just got the cube joke :roflmfao::roflmfao: Sigh, I think I left my brain at the shoe shop this morning. :push:

  12. Yes, that sounds about right. :yes:

    Thanks for asking, Tag! :flowers:

    :yes: :tup:


  13. I know. :yes:

    No problem, BTW! :flowers:

    Sorry, it was a terrible pun! :shame: :rolleyes:
  14. ^ Hey, puns don't get the credit they deserve... I'm terrible at puns; I always forget the basics, like including the actual pun in my comeback LOL

    As for other Chloe perfumes, I only remember Narcisse. Have there been others?