New Chloé Flats...

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  1. I just got my new chloé flats and i :heart::heart::heart: them!

    Hope you like them as well!
    IMG_2272.JPG IMG_2273.JPG IMG_2274.JPG
  2. ohhhh they are VERY CUTE!!
  3. I like them ;), even just looking at the picture I can tell they are comfortable, they look so soft.
  4. OMG!!!so cute.congrats.
  5. Very cute!
  6. Lovely!! I really like the colour, very creamy. Congrats!
  7. those are so cute
  8. Love them.
  9. I love those!!!
  10. I love these !! :heart: Chloe flats are my favourite!
  11. Your flats are so cute!!! I love them.

    I absolutely love Chloe shoes but I don't own any yet. I have had my eye on those circle buckle styles for a while. But now I'm loving the multi strap gladiator styles. Both the flats and the pumps.
  12. Awww those are TDF congrats!!!!!
  13. I wanted to buy those very same shoes!
  14. so pretty. lucky girl!
  15. i bought the same pair but in black !!:heart: