New Chloe Edith (shopper?) PICS!

  1. Bought this, but I haven't seen it anywhere before.
    What exactly is it called??
    At Holt's it rang in as "New Edith Shopper" so I'm assuming that's what it is despite never seeing this version before.
  2. Not sure of the name but she is a beauty!

    What other Edith bags did Holts have?
  3. The handles and zipper in the middle are like my black bowler I got from NAP....cute bag I like it!!
  4. That's a beauty!
  5. [​IMG]

    Great name for this purse, as that is exactly what it looks like its function is for... a great purse for shopping, and holding all of one's goodies. Congrats.

    I saw this same bag in the same colour at the Holt in Vancouver...
  6. ^ this is the EXACT bag you saw then!
    there were only two and both are gone!
    how funny.
  7. It looks very similar to the Edith hobo I bought, only the straps are on the front instead of one on the side. You're gonna love this bag!
  8. Very nice, like it!!
  9. I need it!
  10. Totally in love. Its a beauty.