New Chloe Edith in red or Ivory--Yay or Nay

  1. has anyone seen the new Chloe Edith on Neiman site? Dow e love this style? Yay or Nay on this style in either Red or Ivory?:confused1:

    Sorry,forgot to put on it is...
  2. Is this the one with the arched (bowling type) top? If so I saw it at an NM store and the color was fabulous. I thought it was the perfect red color. Very young and fresh. I do not think I have seen the ivory. I will say that on the one I touched, the leather was very stiff. It was not squishy or particularly pebbly. I know this is more of an edith trait as the intent is to show of the shape and structure of the bag. I just wish it were a little softer like the paddy. Keep it mind, it could have just been the one I saw. They will all very a little. Good Luck.
  3. I adore the red in this bag. Its v v nice!!
  4. Thanks for the answer..yes, it is the bowling one....I have the original edith..but this red is soo attactive,i am just not sure about the shape of this bag.///
  5. It is darling!! Like I said, the red is fabulous IRL and I thought the shape was really cute.
  6. I saw this red in real life in the NM in Coral Gables. It stuck out in the rows of purses. It gorgeous. I am a BIG fan of red bags!
  7. I saw the red too. It's absolutely lovely! When the style first came out, I absolutely hated it (Cross between the Edith and a Muse = MUDITH). But after seeing it in rl, it's actually quite adorable and quaint in the typical Edith style. The color is absolutely fabulous. If I hadn't hoarded the first season Ediths, I would completely jump on this one.
  8. I saw this in NM Palo Alto and absolutely loved it. It's the perfect shade of red! It has a matching wallet too. It's surprisingly light too considering it's a huge bag. Gorgeous!
  9. I saw this exact bag on Monday at the Bob Ellis Boutique in Charleston, SC. It is so beautiful and it is huge. I really liked it but would probably use it for work. I would get the red. So pretty.
  10. The red is so hot. I saw it in NM and its definitely the perfect shade of red.
  11. I haven't seen it in real life. The first time I saw the picture, it didn't particularly strike me but it's grown on me since. I think it's gorgeous!
  12. I think that shade of red is gorgeous! I'm going shopping tomorrow so I'll see if they have this one. I bet it's beautiful Irl! :heart:
  13. I love the color, red is always HOT! But I'm not crazy about the style of this Edith.
  14. I wonder if this style looks better in real life. I never thought the loaf was cute until a couple PFers posted their pics. I think this version has potential too. I love the color!
  15. I saw this bag at NM in San Diego and loved it too. If I didn't already have 2 Ediths I would be all over it. The color is gorgeous.