New Chloe Decision Crisis...Help Me Decide!

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  1. I am tending to agree. I love both, and it is SO hard to choose! But since Paddingtons are pricey, I would like it to be something that I can carry for several years. I can see the choco with a tweed coat and a number of outfits, and it seems a bit more "simple" in style than the second bag. do you girls agree? Will the first bag have greater longevity style-wise?
  2. Mousse is dark grey with a hint of green... dove grey/blue
    go to to contakt them. They might ship it. Is anybody watching the Oscars tonight?
  3. Oh, at Pfüllers they have the first one too and it's slightly smaller then the second one...
  4. Hi ETenebris:
    The slightly larger one is 1295,-Euros on LVR. Just like in Germany. That would be around 1565,- $. Dove is much lighter then Mousse grey, I've seen it. It's very pretty but I think the dove is STUNNING!
  5. ooooh, i like prof in dove! :nuts: the choc color probably suits the paddy better.

  6. nic, would you know if they have a choc paddy? i have on order from LVR and am going nuts from not hearing from them.:wacko: ordered way back end of Jan. and do you guys know if it's too late to cancel or should i just hang in there since it's already march which is when they're suppose to ship???:worried: :worried:
  7. I really like the first one. The second one, although the color is beautiful, has too many buckles and looks kinda busy to me :biggrin:
  8. my vote goes with the first one too :amuse:
  9. The website is in German. I don't speak German. :sad2: Maybe my husband can help me contact them...he speaks some. I am watching the Oscars. If the dove has a blue tint, I need that one. I don't like sage green, so the mousse wouldn't work for me. Is there an English website? I don't see one.
  10. Okay, I have sent an e-mail (in German!!!) and will see what they say when they write back. I love BabelFish! Big thanks to Douglas Adams for coming up with the idea which has now been put into practice on the internet! Now we can communicate with everyone. I asked my hubby and son about their preferences, and one likes the dove large and the other likes the smaller choco. LOL.
  11. I like the smaller choco! I prefer the colour, not just the size. The larger one is kinda like an overnight bag so if you travel a lot..

    Greys don't appeal to me much so I'll almost always choose the alternative, lol!
  12. => light greys, that is. Darker greys I like;)
  13. I would buy the 1st as well.. chocolate looks hot!!

  14. Yipppppiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    The postman woke me up this morning and handed me a big box from Chloe. :amuse: My heart was pounding and I'am still jumping around like a kid in a candy store: :biggrin: My Baby arrived and it's sitting right next to me and I think it's the most beautyful bag in the world!!! Got the second one in Whiskey!!!! My camera is at my boyfriends apt. so it takes some hours before I can post pics. :love:
  15. ETenebris: They speak english at Pfülers, just call them, the phone# is on the website. The Dove is more blue than grey and it looks pretty simular to the jean moyen, just a little lighter, more "washed". They have the first (just a tiny little bit smaller than the second) only in dark blue not chocolate. And they have the Edith in Whiskey...