New Chloe Decision Crisis...Help Me Decide!

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  1. I think I have narrowed my next purchase down to two bags. Here is the deal: I have a whiskey Edith pre-ordered. I bought a jeans moyen (light blue) Paddy, but sent it back because the shape was not right for me. I LOVE the jeans moyen color. Now there are two bags availalble that I like...the first (pic #1) is small pocket Paddy (the "Professor") and it comes in chocolate brown. I think LVR has more colors, but unless they get a dove grey I would go with the choco. The second (pic #2) is the larger version and has additional straps that wrap around to the front pocket. The front pocket is also larger than it is on the Professor. This one comes in a dove grey, which (I have been told) is a sort of grey-blue similar to the jeans moyen but not the same color. I had ORIGINALLY wanted the Chloe Train Case (pic #3) but these came out over a year ago and sold out in about five minutes and apparently Chloe never made more. So do I go smaller chocolate which will coordinate with more things, or the big dove bag which is unique (and has the silver hardware)??? :blink:

    I need your "expert" opinions! Oh, and I am 5'3" if that figures into your decision.

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  2. I think number 2. It doesn't look much bigger than number 1 but the dove grey is such a beautiful colour. What is the size difference between the two?
  3. I think the second is a couple inches larger than the first, although in the "held" photos it looks much bigger (last two bags shown on the models).

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  4. take the "dove" colored new Paddy (2nd)!!!!
  5. Waiting to see pics of yours :nuts: before I make a final commitment! Where did you order yours? What was the price?
  6. Hopefully tomorrow! I'M already dreaming about it... nightmares! That tehy send me the wrong style/size/color...I'm I going crazy here or what?! hahahahahh...of course I'll post pics
  7. you can get it at Pfüllers in Frankfurt Germany. They have only one dove!!!!
  8. 1300,- Euros
  9. I am in the do I get in touch with them? 1300 EU is a better price than NAP has...theirs is in pounds and the conversion is awful!
  10. What is the difference between "dove" and "mousse"? LVR has the mousse available in the big (2nd) bag. Has anyone SEEN the mousse in person? It is only 1079.17 EU! And LVR ships over 1000 EU free!
  11. I vote for the larger one in Dove...:amuse: But that Mousse color also looks fabulous!
  12. I may be the only one, but I like the 1st one the best. The 2nd one seems a bit too bulky.
  13. I like the dove and mousse colors and prefer the look of the second bag but I don't like the size of it :amuse: So thats not much help.
  14. I like the Choco. On the models, it just really make more of a statement, stands out more.
  15. I agree with you. Love the 1st. Perfect size and beautiful color :biggrin: