New Chloe Bags - WOW!!!!

  1. Went out looking for a dress for my nephew's wedding in January (in New Orleans) ... did I find anything ... NOT!

    What I did stumble across at Gretta Luxe, is all the purse styles for the upcoming season!

    I know that I posted before that I like the Silverado Tote (actually called the "Doctor's Tote") in the Bronze color. In addition to the bronze, it will come in a Silver metallic (similar to the Silver metallic Paddington).

    Chloe is creating a whole new set of Hobo's with a single strag (like the Paddington Hobo), except they look more like the Silverado bags. They will be available in a variety of colors (Tan, the metallics, Rouge and a fab Blue Jean color!).

    I am really excited about the new bags, and have asked Gretta Luxe to send me pictures of the new line (hopefully, they will remember and I'll post them!).

    WOO HOO! :nuts:
  2. Keep in contact with them for sure, we all want to see these new bags!
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