New Chloe bags on overstock!! Hurry

  1. Thanks! Is and equally reliable for the Chloe bags?
  2. Hi
    Yes, I got my Xlarge Paddington from them. The bag was discontinued and I couldn't get it anywhere. I just love it. The 17.5" X 9" X 7". Katt
  3. Thanks! I wait for these!
  4. Who got the last silver one! I was thinking about getting it, even had it in my basket, now it's gone. Oh well. I'm really looking for a gold or bronze one anyways.
    Congrats to whoever scored the silver one! :tup:
  5. DO NOT buy from bluefly - they sold me two fakes!:cursing:
  6. I realllly want the black front pocket satchel!
  7. Be careful with I heard that they sell authentic designer stuffs but they do sell fakes, too.
    Another problem with them is their horrible customer service.

    My shopping experiences with them were with jewelry. We ordered a $700 diamond ring. They sent us a $350 ring in a paper box. The $700 was not available anymore and they said return the $350 one. We returned it and they charged us a 10% stocking fee and shipping!!! After some phone conversation and faxing, we got stocking fee and shipping back, but after that we never shop at

    Also, check some e-store review sites and you can find some unbelievable stories about there. One story I remember is a guy who ordered a tommy hilfiger suit but received three bags of coffee beans instead. >_< I found it pretty funny.
  8. I had 3 experiences with I bought 2 Guccis--which were both fake-- and a Bottega which was authentic. Be careful.
  9. For what it's worth, I received an authentic Chloe bag.
  10. scary fake/not fake. not sure I want to risk it. the only thing I have ever purchased from this site was bedding.
  11. I got a Prada bag from them, it was 100% authentic and just beautiful!
  12. I've gotten two authentic Chloe's from Overstock within the last couple of years.
  13. I also purchased a chloe from them and it too was authentic. Not to mention now they put security tags on their items so people can't do a bait and switch, so I imagine that would cut out the possibility of receiving a fake bag imo.
  14. I think it should be authentic! I have never bought a purse from them but I have bought other things and I was always been very happy with Overstock.