New Chloé Ava Bag

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  1. I'm not really feeling this new Chloé bag. What do you guys think?


    Also available in a smaller size.

    photo from Bergdorf Goodman

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  2. I'm not either. I posted both this and the smaller size in the reference section too- I think I prefer the smaller size. BUt to be honest, Betty is still calling my name over these and that new tote. Cannot wait to see them IRL!
  3. Totally not feeling this bag.
  4. Doesn't do it for me, i'm afraid. :Push: I'm with jag, i too prefer the smaller size.. :yes:
  5. not really into it... the leather looks nice though!
  6. Is it just me, or does hte smaller one remind you of the Ascot style?
  7. it's ok... probably would like the smaller size better too. the turnlock is cute but the bag just looks a little too plain.
  8. It's cute, but I'm not wowed. It reminds me of the MJ soft box satchels (I think that's what they're called, but I'm no Helena).
  9. Not feeling it at all. We need Phoebe back! :graucho:
  10. Nope not for me either.
    The first thing i thought when I saw it was...'It looks like a piece of burnt toast....with handles'

    Sorry I sound like a crazy lady but thats honestly what I saw, and i hate burnt toast!
  11. I dont love it, but I DO love the Bay bag:love: IMHO
  12. another no here too! not nice
  13. :Push: :yucky: I agree, we need Phoebe back!
  14. ^ :yes: If only! :biggrin:

    I like elements of it, specifically, the rounded corners and the thick piping.

    I don't like the fact that they've mixed three shapes - the rounded square overall shape, with the circular turn lock and the lozenge shaped piece of leather. One or two graphic shapes is enough, IMO and would look more cohesive.

    I also think it would look better if it was less square and more of an East-West rounded rectangle (but still had the piping all around the edges, unlike the smaller one). I would also prefer longer handles or a shoulder strap, personally.

    With a few tweaks, I think it could be OK, but as it is... :s
  15. ^ Sorry, four shapes, including the flared square-shaped reinforcers. It just looks a bit messy, to me. :shrugs: