New Chloe-Already scraches on padlock

  1. Last post I promise.
    Just wondering if when u recieved ur new chloe there were already marks on the metal bit under the padlock. I realise that marks will come over time as the padlock is so heavy but is it normal for there to be marks when its delivered?

    Paddy is causing me one problem after another today!
  2. It is a beautiful bag and is made to have a rugged, refined look so all these things you are seeing are completely normal. I know how it is to see all the "faults" in an expensive purchase and have found when I am in that frame of mind, usually the purchase wasn't the right one at the right time. I know it is right when I love it so much that I see right through all the imperfections. Just my two cents....
  3. ITA with what greeneggs says.... for that amount of money, sometimes we want perfection but if you really 'connect' with the bag, there are those times when a bazillion little faults can't dampen the enthusiasm. Could be a bit of buyer's remorse coming in? God knows I know wht that feels like...
  4. Nice Phrasing!:yes:

  5. This is so true, I have experienced this before:yes:
  6. I just wanted to echo what these gals have so eloquently said about buyer's remorse being a possibility here.... if you don't love the bag, by all means you should send it back!

    I bought a Marc Jacobs quilted Elise a couple of months ago that I regret having kept... it's a lovely bag, and highly coveted because of the particular color it is (topaz), but somehow I never really "connected" with it to borrow someone else's phrase, and wouldn't you know, it's been sitting in my closet ever since?

    Also, a paddy at full price is a big investment! If it's not perfect in your eyes, it's not worth it imho. :heart:
  7. I put one of the leather zipper tags over the hasp, then put the padlock on, to avoid this scratching. I read about this in another thread - LordGuinny I think showed a pic of how to do it. You can leave the zip undone still, just hook one of those leather rectangle thingies over the hook and it protects the nameplate.
  8. You should be completely happy with your purchase. Please read my blog "Quilt Bay Lining".
  9. Chloe hardware like the lock and metal plate scratch very easily. I've seen Paddingtons in my local department store where there are heaps of obvious scratches where the lock touches the metal plate, just from being handled while on display. Another reason why I never use my lock!
  10. What do you mean by never using the lock?
  11. I bought mine from Bluefly and there was a small scratch on it and it bugs me. However, I figure it is inevitable it will scratch and they did offer me a discount for the scratch. Maybe you should ask whoever you bought it from to do the same.
  12. Inevitable is right! I too wanted my first paddy to be PERFECT, but as I carried it out more that stuff was long forgotten because it got more scratches and it didn't make no difference how perfect it was in the beginning.
  13. I was like that too. Now I just use the bag and dont worry about the scracthes.