New Chloe Additions *YAY* Sable and Tan

  1. I just wanted to share pictures of my recent chloe purchases.

    I :heart: my sable paddy... special thanks to my *purse twin* for this one... !!! :flowers: :tender: Wedges are not chloe, but i just thought it would look cute to pair it with something.


    Here is my Tan Paddy w/ accessories :love:.

  2. oh WOW! I love your new additions...the shoes, bags, belt... STUNNING!!! Especially LOVE the Tan paddy lot :love:
  3. SO CUTE! You have great taste in bags and shoes. Wear them in good health. Sable is very hard to find.

  4. Thanks Hatikuh and LG!!!! :flowers

    I am soo addicted to Chloe :graucho:

    LG - I've been wearing the sable everyday, it's my new neutral..
    H - I got the the belt first and then the shoes.. i just had to get the bag too...
  5. OMG - gorgeous sets...!!!:party:

    Where did you manage find the sable...? I would give one of my fingers away if I could get one that way :nuts:
    I love them both and the accessories too, stunning :love:
  6. Thanks Sonja!!!

    I got the sable from my purse twin (who is the bomb :flowers::tender:) I didn't know what color that was but when i saw it, I was in awe!!! I was obsessed w/ it from that point on.. I had to have it!
  7. stop showing us such lovely stuff ;)

    No seriously though, you have got yourself some really beautiful pieces now, a gorgeous Chloe Collection :love:

  8. D & G rockstar I LOVE your bags and accessories! Your tan shoes are especially beautiful~ Sable is such a unique color, congrats on finding one! :love:
  9. Ooooohhh... lovely! Especially the sable.
  10. That sable is TDF!!!
  11. Thanks Chloe-babe :flowers:, Audrey, Roxane, and HMWE.

    I was just sooo excited about my recent chloe purchases that i had to share pics with my chloe girls!!!!

    I love this forum :love:
  12. the tan shoes, paddy and belt look fab together! I love both your paddys... Very Nice! :smile:
  13. Thank you shoequeen :flowers:
  14. OMG, they're both so beautiful. Congrats to you. Shoes are cute too.
  15. Beautiful bags D&G! Congrats!