new China Pattern: Balleta Russes

  1. have any of you seen or heard of Balleta Russes??

    Its new and I think just starting to ship

    see pics....\

    I think they only come in cocktail plates and they also have a tart
    platter and tumblers....

    I am going to see the tart platter and 6 plates at my store this week.

    I thought it would be tons of fun to have these for like a smaller
    party with just desserts, etc
  2. oh. my. god. that is STUNNING!!!! oh WOW!
  3. Ooh -- I really like it. Thanks for posting, GG!!
  4. thanks hflinn. I thought it was so neat and fun!

    would have been perfect for my gal's Christmas party I had. 6 years would have been perfect.

    its such an odd pattern for Hermes......I wonder if they will expand or keep it more of finger food/cocktail type line.
  5. Those are GORGEOUS! Love 'em!
  6. is it me or the pattern inside the middle of the plate kinda neat 70sish...
  7. I think the colors are 70sish, too. I love mix-and-match plates like this, but I don't think DH would go for it.
  8. it is so totally kinda funky-ish and cool and GORGEOUS and omg i think i had a plategasm.
  9. I am really really into these!!!!
  10. Ohhh, I like it - it's quite a "heavy" pattern, though. Looks like similar colours to that Horse pattern (the newish one, can't recall the name). You could mix & match.
  11. :lol::roflmfao:
  12. yeah I plan on getting 1 of each unless I really hate one and I can do 2 of each pattern and 3 total patterns. i probably will get 6 of them.

    i think they are just fun when you don't want to be so formal....having people over for drinks or just desserts or something.

    I need to feel them but they just look alot more sturdy maybe?
  13. Do you knowif they are (partly) handpainted?
  14. Gorgeous Pattern!!!!!!