New Chick on the Blog

  1. Hi I just found this forum and was reading through some of the posts. My first thought was wow there are actually ppl like me who are passionate about thier handbags :biggrin: . I started out with Guess Bags, and then to Coach bags..I still love em but I wanna try out new designers. I've recently been very interested in LV bags after I bought my first Speedy 30, which is also my first LV. I absolutely love it and yell at my boyfriend whenever he touches it :rant: lolz. I'm so glad I found this forum. :flowers:
  2. Welcome and congrats on your speedy!!!
  3. WELCOME!!!:flowers:
  4. Hi! welcome.... to a lifetime "addiction" MOOHAHAHAH! :lol:
  5. Yay! I remember when I was new- it was hard at first, but now I know all the forum "regulars" and, as a direct result of this board, I've gotten more expensive taste. ( a gift and a curse. be warned! LOL :biggrin: ) It seems that the people on this forum are nicer than anywhere else. :love:
  6. Welcome AmyS! I'm glad you found this forum too! Congrats on the Vuitton. The Speedy 30 is a wonderful bag and I hope you enjoy it! We would love to see a picture of your bag collection! Chill on your BF and perhaps he'll contribute to your addiction ;).
  7. Welcome,
    Congrat's on your speedy 30, wonderful bag.
  8. Welcome, I think most of us feel the same way. Most of us are addicted to bags and couldn't believe there were soooo many other people out there like us!!!! After 3 days here, you'll already be thinking about your next bag!!!!!
  9. Welcome to the forum and the Speedy Club. You'll enjoy it here.
  10. Welcome!! Glad you found the forum and a big congrats on your new bag. I'd love me a Speedy too :smile:
  11. Hi and welcome :biggrin:
  12. Welcome !!! You will love it here.I feel the same way...your obsession is seriously encourage here.:biggrin:

    I feel the same way !
  13. Welcome! I'm new here too and let me tell you, you will LOVE it!
  14. Welcome AmyS...I'm So Happy You Are Here! Congratulations On Your New Speedy!
  15. Welcome to the forum! Right here you will only want to do is shop, shop, until your wallet can't take it.