New charms - yea!

  1. I just found out there are at least two new charms coming out soon.

    One is another flower like the one that cannot be purchased anymore, but done in denim - kind of like a patchwork. I didn't get any other info on that one.

    The other is a Legacy tote. It has a white background, silver "CC's" on it and blue trim. Very detailed and $38. Item # is 94056 and it can be ordered now! Mine is on the way!
  2. Ooohhh... do you have pics of these!?
  3. YAY!!! thanks for sharing that info with us...happy dance time
  4. Congrats....can't wait to see pic.
  5. i :heart: charms!
  6. Can't wait to see pictures of your new charms.
  7. Congrats,i can't wait to see the pictures though ^=^
  8. I don't have pics, but it's supposed to be overnighted to me so maybe by Monday (or even tomorrow???? Maybe????) I'll have a pic of the one I ordered!

    I only found out from my SA (he's SO nice!) when he called a little bit ago to tell me the other flower could definitely not be ordered.

    He was sweet enough to overnight the package to me so I'll have before I leave on vacation next week! :yes:
  9. Oh, and I didn't order the flower one or even get a # on it... I was more excited over the purse charm! :heart:
  10. I can't wait to see pics!!!!!!!!
  11. Which one is the flower one that cant?
  12. It was the flower charm that had different signature fabric as each "leaf" -- it's a gonner now.
  13. Oh! The Legacy one...I got that during pce it was only 21 bucks, that's why I got it
  14. They sound so pretty! I might get the flower one...depends on how it looks. :biggrin:
  15. I wanted it but it was sold out... then disappeared off the website which sent me on a wild chase after it. :p