New charms with brass hardware?

  1. Does anyone know if they will definately be coming out with Initial charms with brass hardware? An SA told me they think so next month but she wasn't positive. She did say they are discontinuing the silver initials?? I wanted to buy my kids initials and I don't know if I should wait or get them off now. Anyone know?? Thanks!
  2. Yes. I purchased the "T" with brass yesterday. They had them in store and I left with one. :smile:
  3. ^^Great! Thanks for letting me know :smile:
  4. good news, thanks.
  5. Can you tell me what Color the "T" is? :smile:
  6. Good to know! It seemed silly to me that MOST of their bags out have the brass hardware but almost ALL of their charms are nickel.... :huh:
  7. It is dark purple/eggplant on one side and medium brown on the other. Both sides regular leather rather than one side suede. :smile:
  8. I just saw they are online, very nice colours btw, and called the Coach store near me and they will have them in two days. I don't understand why they didn't just tell me yesterday :rolleyes: instead of being so evasive. Just say they are new and the discount doesn't apply. Anyway, they are really nice looking.
  9. They are up on the Coach website. =)
  10. yayyyy i am so excited! i have been holding out on getting a charm to go with my ergo tote bc the hardware is brass & i didnt want a charm in silver... now there are so many options, i might have to get a few! :smile:
  11. I really like the colors and the brass hardware for these new charms, but where is the "C" ???? Not online yet!?
  12. I love the stars and in my favorite color.I must have it.
  13. Thanks! I saw it online yesterday and I couldn't tell the exact color! I'm so glad it's all leather! I have the pink "t" and I don't like the suede side!
  14. I love the brass hardware. I'm so glad they added the initial charms :tup:

    Can you buy a piece of hardware to turn a fob into a hanging charm?
    I thought I read something on this forum...maybe somewhere on eBay? hmmmmmm...:graucho:
  15. I like how the charms have a chain on them too so u can remove and replace. Too cute. On that note WHERE is the letter C on the damn website? It was there yesterday!