New charms coming!

  1. Off to the Coach store today and picked up the flower and lips charm, and my SA showed me two of the charms coming out.

    First a watermelon charm that is ADORABLE.

    And then, a Skull and Crossbones charm! It was priced at $38, so might be a bit bigger.

    I soooo want both!
  2. Ahh Good to know! I wonder hiow the skull one looks like, it may look cute on my bal!
  3. Oooo my little sister will love the skull and crossbones--thanks for the info :smile:
  4. OOOH so good to know! I love watermellons!!!!!!
  5. Lovely.
  6. when are they going to be released, do you know?
  7. Not sure...but they were in the little flip-book with the skus and UPC codes for the registers.
  8. krispin
    can you give us info on colors for the skull and crossbones?
    thanks as always for your info:s
  9. Yay for Watermelon!
  10. it looked to be grey/silver with black outlines. I loved it, I think it will look cool on black bags!
  11. are they actually shaped like skull and crossbones or were they round like the zodiacs with the picture inside? leather or metal? so cool!
  12. Oh, thanks so much!! I want a watermelon!!! LOL!
  13. No, it was shaped like a Skull and Crossbones. :yes: And leather like all the other charms.
  14. Was that at VF? They got the lips in since I was there Thursday? :confused1:
    Congrats and thanks for letting us know about the new charms coming out!
  15. Thanks for the info. They sound super cute. When are they coming out?