New Charms Coming Out??? Anyone with the new catalog or inside info???

  1. Just wondering...I thought I saw where someone had said there's a new flower charm coming out soon. Is this true? If so, does anyone have a picture of it??? I want the patchwork flower charm SOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!:crybaby: But...they are going for $50 plus shipping on eBay IF you can find one!!! SO....wanted to check with y'all first to see if there's one similar coming out soon - I can wait. If not....guess I may be forking over $50+ for one on eBay. I WANT IT! GOTTA HAVE IT!:nuts:
  2. Nothing shown in the new catalog of charms....I'll keep looking.
  3. There is one, I briefly saw a pic when I was at the boutique, I believe it's all blues -- very nice!
  4. The new catalog isn't showing any new charms or keychains. I was hoping for a few! It is showing the Comic Book Keyfob and the Spring Daisy Keyfob, both of which are already on the website and in the stores.
  5. There is another flower patchwork charm coming out and it's all denim. I posted the item # in another thread a few weeks ago but still don't see it on the website.