New charm for my speedy!

  1. I've been wanting to get a cute charm for my speedy for awhile now.. but I couldn't find anything that was cute and would match.. until I saw this little charm at the coach store!


    What do you guys think? :biggrin:


    Thanks to the DBF for buying it for me!! So sweet... :love:
  2. Ooohh I just saw this charm today. Looks good hanging off of your Speedy!
  3. Too cute!
  4. how sweet! you inspire me to get a charm for my speedy as well
  5. It's so cute! :love:
  6. That charm is so cute! It looks perfect on your speedy! Congrats!
  7. I think it looks adorable!!
  8. What a cute charm!!! love it, Enjoy!!
  9. It's very cute but personally I hate pink and red together! But yeah it looks good on the bag.
  10. I love your new charm! congrats!!!
  11. Oh hey that's really pretty -- damier and red were just made for one another! Lovely!!
  12. Love it... So cute!!!! Congrats
  13. cute! i want one! too bad there's no coach store here...
  14. I think it's pretty cute!
  15. OMG - that is perfect. It is sooooo cute.