New charm and question

  1. Well, I've been holding to my ban and no new bags, I felt good till I checked the calendar and realize it's only been 3 weeks!
    I did get the skull charm which I've been admiring for awhile. Today when I walked past it though, I thought Oakland Raiders:nuts:

    Anyone else get this? I want to go back to enjoying the charm and forget about the Raiders.
    skull 001.jpg
  2. i have that and LOVE it! so does everyone who sees it and none of the people who have commented on it know a thing about football hehehe
  3. My husband noticed it since I first posted and he actually liked it. He's usually not big on discussing my bags, charms, wallets, wristlets or scarves.
  4. I just got mine. I have this thing with pirates, hense why I had to have it. I had to wait a week because it was sold out in the store. It just came yesterday and it is so cute (in an evil cross and bones kinda way)
  5. I have it too. I bought it because of the pirate reference. :smile: I never even thought about the raiders. I'm a native San Diegan and Charger fan, so I would hate anyone to think I was promoting the Raiders. *L*
  6. We are all in the same boat, or should I say "aaarrrggghh pirate ship!" lol :smile:
    I just got my charm this week too. I love it, it's so different.
    I never thought Raiders until you said that...
    Skull Charm.JPG

  7. Looks great on your bag!
  8. Helen, I think the charm looks wonderful on your bag. So fun! Congrats!
  9. Really cute! I seem to like buying accessories more than I like buying bags. And I KNOW I should save up for my Carly but I keep wanting the brown and black optic ponytail scarves and the watermelon charm! GAH I'm NEVER going to be able to save money by looking at the Coach site all the time! Your charm is soooo cute. Enjoy it!
  10. Your charm is really cool. I was not considering this charm but it really looks great on your bag. I may have to get one.