New Chanel

  1. Anybody remember this bag that was first seen in the trunk show post? ;)

    I saw it in the store today and I'm so lusting for it.
    The grey one is absolutely TDF and the leather is sooooo soft. Anyone gotten this bag?? What's ur thought abt it?? I personally find it so attractive and unique. I'm sooo tempted to buy!!! :nuts:
  2. Yes! I've gotten the Grey Envelope one from HK! It's from this season's F/W! Yummmyyy! Love the goat skin! I got the large size, the small one's really too small. I LOVE IT! Have yet to carry it though :smile:

    You've got great taste! PLEASE GET IT AND JOIN THE CLUB!
  3. OH, and! Did I mention it has 2 great compartments that are lined in satin/silk (whichever) and are roomy and spacious! I love the idea of the double flap thing, one flap for one compartment. And the bag feels soft like a pillow! I love the leather straps too, it's so vintage looking like my mother passed it on to me from decades before (that old classic chanel look)! AND it's comfy. 'nuff said!
  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! :tup: I tot it looks like a real classic as well.. and definately will go a long long way down the road. I like the bigger size one better as well. The small one looks kinda awkward.

    Oh, ladydeluxe do u mind telling me how much you got it for in HK? It's retailing for $3940 in the sgp boutique and sgp chanel is really much more expensive than e rest of e countries.
  5. it looks very soft and actually reminds me of a laptop bag...though i guess it would probably be too delicate to use for that...
  6. Yes I'm a Singaporean! :wlae:
    I'm so tempted to just dash out and grab that bag. I'm using the classic flap right now, but the thing with chanel, you just want more!!! hee hee.. oh, I just saw your balenciagas, they are TDF! I'm so loving the blue one, I think it makes the perfect work bag!
  7. Hey!! Thanks :smile: I live in Singapore too! Great to meet a fellow local bagfan! I've got the classic flaps in cream and pure white, a black reissue 2.55 and this newly bought Envelope bag (if you're talking about the flap bags , these are the flap Chanels I have for now)

    I love my marine brief!! Go check out my thread later! I'm gonna post more pictures (modeling and what's inside) later! :smile:)