New Chanel with icons

  1. Is the new Chanel 2.55 with all of the icons on the wish list for anyone? Does anyone know the price of the large /small size. Thanks
  2. The grey reissue with the icons is on my list? I would guest those will be very expensive with all the icons on it? I spend about $1900 for my regular reissue 225 (small) and would think with all motifs on would be $2500 plus range easily?
  3. Honestly I don't know how I feel about this bag. Somehow I feel like there's so much going on with all the icons. I am not sure if it's the good idea to add some much more on the reissue, which is already beautiful on its own. I need to see this bag IRL to determine how I feel about all those icons.
  4. I think I like it but would also need to see in real life. I am about 4 hours by train from Paris. I will never ever drive, so difficult for parking, just a mess more than you would imagine. If I train I will need to stay over night, which is always good. I will ask my SA what she thinks, always gives me a truthful opinion. I would really like to know what others think about this bag. Please post when someone actually has a look at this bag. I keep going back to the thread, oh my!!!!!!!!!