New Chanel Wallet!

  1. [​IMG]
    got this delivered today....When I get back from Aruba next week.The Pouchette soft chain will be here too..LOL..Selenas bad hem...
  2. beautiful jill! congrats!
  3. so clean! LOVE IT! Congratulations!

    ooh, and Aruba? wow, I have a full week of finals....
  4. Great wallet Jill!
    Have fun in Aruba!! Stay Safe~~
  5. The wallet is so cute!! Have fun in Aruba :smile:

  6. Congraz Jill !!! Aruba sounds fun !!!!
  7. Lucky you! :yes:
  8. NICE!! LOL, Jill now you will have a mini soft and chain!
  9. Very cute Jill and have a great time in Aruba! :beach:
  10. Jill - I'm so have a ridiculous number of fantastic bags AND you're going to Aruba??!? Life is just not fair LOL :lol: Beautiful wallet!!
  11. Pretty!!! And Jill you're starting another Chanel family!
  12. beautiful wallet, congrats :yes:
  13. Love your new wallet! Have fun on vacation!
  14. Oh I love this wallet!
    Jill do you mind sharing how much it is and where you purchased it from?
    I saw it at NM in silver & bronze but not black.
  15. This would look awesome with the pochette, lovely combo Jill :biggrin: