New Chanel Ultra Jewelry Collection

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  1. It was probably the 38mm watch - did it also have diamond markers?
  2. Just saw it again today. Yes, it was the 38 mm but just the diamond bezel, no markers.

    I really really want the J12 38mm with diamond markers. :drool:
  3. The rings looks fabulous but jus wonder what will be their retail prices.

    I haven't own a J12 watch yet but i'm already eyeing one and shld be gettin the white one in MM38.
  4. guys has anyone worked out how much the single ring with diamonds is? gonna drop some major hints for christmas :graucho:
  5. ^Gosh I was just at Chanel Fine Jewelry again today... I only glanced at it, but I believe it was somewhere around $3,480? Something like that.. Somewhere between 3-4K is a very loose estimate. :yes:
  6. So Gorgeous!!
  7. All I know is that the Ultra Noir double black ring w/ diamonds is $4,200.
  8. They should make a matte version, like the matte J12. It would look amazing.
  9. wow! :drool: i actually really like the simplicity of the ring too :smile:
  10. HI...
    I have the chanel ultra white ceramic medium....which is the single white ceramic band w/ a band of diamonds on both a 6 1/2..I purchased at South Coast Plaza Chanel store in Orange COunty, California for $3100+tax..............Can anyone help me find an online picture of this ring, I have found it, but cannot save it to my pictures....I want to sell it on ebay,( ebay id....OCswag) and online pictures give better detail..along with my own pictures....i still have the box, bag, ribbon, and velvet
  11. Try the chanel site.
  12. I'm bumping this thread to ask if anyone has the Ultra bracelets.
    Any info on prices etc?
  13. Or maybe even a update price list on the ultra jewelry?

    Would love to know!
  14. This didnt get as popular as I imagined...
  15. Can anyone tell me if its true that for europe the fine jewelry is only sold in Paris and London????