New Chanel Ultra Jewelry Collection

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  1. I've been totally in love withe Chanel J12 watch ever since I saw it on a sales person at a high end boutque. Check out my latest post about black watches: Everyday Splurge
  2. I will have one dream nearly come true
  3. Congrats Vicky!!! That is great:yahoo:
    The J12 is a dream come true for me as well. I recv'd mine as a Christmas gift and now the person who gave it to me is upgrading it!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae:

    My original one (you will see in my post from December 2006) is a 33mm white w/ diamond bezel. My new one that should be here by the end of the month is a 38mm white w/ diamond bezel!!!!!! It has also been hinted that I will be receiving the Double Ultra Ring in white:happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

    Yes, I know what it is like to have the Chanel J12 dream come true. I am glad you will be able to experience the watch it is AWESOME~~~~
  4. I hate it how every one is knocking off the J12 now.
  5. So has anyone here got anything from the collection yet?
  6. Fabulous. Comete collection was my favorite. unfortunatly i can't affort jewelry. i hope i will later
  7. Is the collection still selling out like before or have things cooled down?
  8. anyone?
  9. I think it's still very popular - and Chanel always carries this line.
  10. yeah i saw it in a store recently
  11. Well it seems to be extremely popular as it is sold out most places now for the christmas season.
  12. Here's my set! I love the J12 and want to get the black with diamonds!

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  13. Does anyone know the current prices for the ultra rings...i was considering it in white or black (I have the white J12 33mm no diamonds--so maybe I should get the matching white?? not sure yet...)

    and I would guess Im getting a single as I have really small hands and short fingers...

    if anyone has pics of the single and double on their fingers that would be awesome.

    And how much is the bracelet??? I LOVE that dress from the same pic too...wonder what season it is from...
  14. I swear I saw this same watch with diamond bezel for $11,xxx yesterday at Chanel. Could it be the 38 mm? I can't imagine they could increase the price THAT much over a year.
  15. they are nice