New Chanel Ultra Jewelry Collection

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    Oops, sorry, I really was thinking both J12s had a diamond bezel. Maybe it was just some weird physic thing on my part to confirm that you need to trade up to the black/diamond bezel J12 - just kidding...:P

    Yep, double white ultra ring w/ diamonds. I am on the "hunt" for one.
    We really "need" that ring!! Monica "needs" it too. Her black one is so fine!

    Again, sorry for the mistake, it just seems like if anyone on here should have both white & black J12 w/diamonds it should be you--:yes:
  2. Maybe someone from ABOVE was trying to tell you to say that I had one because I SHOULD BUY THAT ONE also:P
  3. Well, I DO listen to the one from above!!!! But I am not sure He advises about Chanel purchases - LOL

    I can't wait to get the ring, I know Monica has mentioned she would like to have it also. She posted the price on this thread, somewhere in the 3K.

    WANT THE RING:hysteric: NOW
  4. I have the single white without diamonds, already. The double ring with diamonds is $3,900.:yes:
  5. Oh Mon-- that could be a handbag & acessories. BUT I want that ring. I have to work on other things right now, like current Chanel purchases and putting the money back that I spent for Christmas-- LOL
  6. Me too Penny. Maybe later this year. ALso, I made an oops, I said I had the white ring, I meant BLACK. I have the white watch and the black ring.
  7. How much is a watch just plain w/o diamonds?
  8. $3350.00 + tax and/or shipping
  9. They are nice.
  10. how much is the single with diamonds???:rolleyes:
  11. I am not sure about the single. I will be getting the double. So I have only priced it.
  12. Seems like I read on here the single no diamonds was approx $1300.00.
    So maybe around 2K??????
  13. :yahoo: WOW can't wait to see pictures

    I would LOVE the double with diamonds

    1300.00 is not a BAD price but I would like to have diamonds since my watch has diamonds;) KWIM???
    2000.00 for the single diamonds would not be THAT bad I guess...
    I know my J12 diamonds even thou they are small diamonds sparkle and are SO WHITE..I think they are E-F quality it says on my apprasial...In Feb I get my saks Gift card for last years spending:graucho: I am getting back something like 1,500.00 so MAYBE I can use that for some of the ring:nuts: If I find a SAKS store that has it...or Maybe then I can get the double with diamonds:shrugs: :idea: ;)
  14. I will definitely post pics. I am planning to make the purchase soon. I have been wanting one since I first saw the ads. I know the boutiques carry the ring I have spoken w/ the one on Rodeo Drive. I only started buying from Saks in October so my gift card will not be that much for this year.
  15. Penny if you find a saks that has it in white with diamonds single or double let me know :heart: