New Chanel Ultra Jewelry Collection

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  1. wow, the rings are gorgeous!!
  2. I have a white J12 and I love it. Trying to explain reason to husband that I need the black one too. lol.
  3. smoothoprter, this is the one i'm in LOVE with, any idea how much this is?
    Thanks for you help!
  4. That's the one I have. I bought mine last year just as they we're increasing prices. I'm pretty sure I paid like $8,200 and the price increase was about to $8,600. There has been one more increase since then so this watch probably retails for about $9,200 (just a guess).
  5. smoothoprter, thanx so much for the info it really was a HUGE help. Looks like i'll have to start saving then lol! too bad I didn't fall in love with it earlier, I could have avoided the price increase lol! Do you have the black or white?
  6. This is the watch I was given for Christmas last week. Mine is the 33mm and it retails for $8650.00 (+tax if you live in a state that has a Chanel Boutique or NM).
  7. Ah, so the price didn't increase recently with the price increases. Good to know.:smile:
  8. Does any one here have the watch in black?
  9. VIPStyle has a black w/ diamond bezel.
  10. Any one here seen the colored bezels?
  11. Not IRL, seen pics of them on the site. I like the pink sapphire, but I have a diamond bezel on my J12. I am such a diamond girl I can never pass on a diamond anything:nuts:
  12. Only the pink sapphire. It's less expensive than the diamond bezel. Like Penny, I prefer the diamond bezels.
  13. Yes the diamond looks better I think. I also am trying to convince my DH I need the black as well.
  14. Penny I have the white with diamond Bezel and the black is plain...I want the diamond bezel in black:shame: ..I saw it on some girl and IT LOOKS SO HOT!!!!:graucho:
    I also want to look into getting the ring with diamonds in white...
  15. Love your ring smooth, gorgeous!