New Chanel Ultra Jewelry Collection

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  1. And what is the description for the diamonds on the ring? Anyone know? Thanks! :heart:
  2. yes kind of ugly
  3. I would love to get the j12 with diamonds watch with matching ring.
  4. What is availability like?
  5. Looks HOT to me.:love:

  6. I'm with you Monica! I saw the photo spread of the pic you posted above and I love the bracelet and the watch. I would love to have a white Ultra ring and bracelet to go with my new J12. There is a photo spread of Jennifer Garner on this months Elle she is wearing the white J12 like the black one in the pic you posted. It is beyond gorgeous!!!!!!! She is wearing it with diamond bracelets in every pic.
  7. WOW Mon I don't know how I missed this pic in the thread. Love the ring!!! Both pieces look great on you~~
  8. Thank you Penny. I'm kind of wishing I had bought the double ring with diamonds now. I'm seriously thinking I need to save up for one of the cuffs.
  9. Yeah I was thinking the same thing (cuff) when I saw this pic!:drool:
    Do you know the price for the cuff? It was not listed in the details of the pic. I think I would like the double ring with diamonds. I tend to lean toward the "flashy side":nuts: LOL
  10. Eh...I just called and the cuff bracelet is only available as seen in that picture (in black or white) for $90,000!!!:wtf:

    The Ultra Noir (or Blanc) Double w/diamonds ring is $3,900:yes:
  11. OK Mon, we both chip in $45k and you wear it for six months and I will wear it for six months. Now all we have to decide is which color we want:roflmfao:

    Well, what do you say we both save up and get the Ultra Noir:yes:
  12. The double ring is too thick.
  13. FABULOUS! I love the Chanel jewellery collection, I remember seeing this Editorial in Voge (The one with Nicole Kidman on the cover) I thought the cuff was TDF, but then I saw the price lol!
    I think the watches are gorgeous, does anyone know how much a J12 watch runs for?
  14. Which one? The plain ceramic? Diamond Markers? Diamond Dial?
  15. Ugh. I can't wait for the next *major* holiday (probably Vday) for my J12. Mine is just the plain white one, no diamonds or other stones. I LOVE the way these look. I don't wear watches much, if ever, but once I get this one, I doubt I'll take it off much lol.