New Chanel Ultra Jewelry Collection

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  1. I really like the medium size, if I had a J12 with the diamond bezel I would be satisfied (right now;) ) with this ring w/o the diamonds.
  2. the rings and the watches are awesome.
  3. i like it!
  4. Did you see the limited edition j12?
  5. The ceramic is actually very strong, second only in strength to diamonds. You can bang it, drop it and it should be OK. I have the black ceramic and white gold single ring. I almost bought the double but it almost felt like too much. I think the price for the single ring was around $1,300?
  6. In that case, I'm going to look into a ring. I thought ceramic was a fragile material... but if not, then it's perfect for me.
  7. This from a Chanel watch catalog about the ceramic:

    High-tech ceramic: Borrowed from state-of-the-art technology, ceramic has extraordinary characteristics: non-oxidising, scratchpoof, and hardness just below that of diamonds. "On the international MOHS scale, diamonds have the highest score of 10, high-tech ceramic registers at 9, while steel and gold are respectively just at 5 and 2.5". And so, diamond is the only material used, with extreme precision, to work, form and polish each ceramic component to achieve the perfect aesthetic appearance demanded by the creater.
  8. Here's a pic of my Chanel ceramic jewelry.

  9. Pretty.
  10. Wow! Gorgeous!!!
  11. i also have the plain white automatic j12, and love it.
    no plans for any maching jewelry.
    "less is more."
  12. No more is more.
  13. :drool::drool::drool:
  14. Smooth - those look awesome on you!
  15. Anyone seen the bracelets?