New Chanel Ultra Jewelry Collection

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  1. I am beginning to love Ceramic, every one is using it now. Soon we will be seeing Ceramic plated hand bags.

    Any of you guys have a J12?

    Chanel Ultra Jewelry Collection.
  2. Hi Jamie!

    I've seen the ads for these bracelets and while I love them, I couldn't shell out the dough. I have never been one to really appreciate the pairing of precious gems (diamonds in this instance) with materials that aren't precious (ceramic, titanium, etc).

    I'd be interested to see what the handbags look like...
  3. The rings are gorgeous :heart: ... but does anyone know how strong/sturdy they are? What happens if you drop it on the sidewalk? I know that's an extreme example, but I can drop my gold ring and it may scratch and even dent but it won't smash into pieces. Can these pieces stand up to abuse?
  4. My Vertu has ceramic and I have dropped it a thousand times and nothing happened.
  5. I have the J12 with diamond bezel and I love it.
  6. Mon (smoothoprter) has a J12 and one of the matching rings... it's gorgeous!

    I've always been a fan of the J12 so I'm definitely a fan of this
  7. oooh, I like it! What's the price point on these pieces?
  8. I'd love to have the diamond bezel watch!
  9. I love these rings, I have seen them in magazines and on the Chanel website. I SOOOOOO want a J12 in white like Monica's! Maybe "Santa" will bring me one for Christmas????:drool:
  10. I love the J12s..I was supposed to get one for my birthday but my parents thought they gave me too much (we went on a trip and they got me a decent amount of LV stuff etc.)
    So technically I have a J12 (a plain white one, no stones), but I don't YET. My mom's still holding onto it. Lol.
    Anyway I really like the ceramic's really different. Invicta has also started doing ceramic watches as well.
  11. It looks gorgeous!!
  12. I have a plain white J12, I LOVE that watch!!

    My next goal would be this:

    I think this one is like $2800. Without diamonds would be a lot cheaper, something like $1300 I think.

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  13. gorgeous ring, i love the J12
  14. Has anyone seen the bracelets they are incredible as-well.
  15. i love those beauties .. prices?