New Chanel Sunnies!!!

  1. I have been looking for the perfect Chanel sunnies....I liked the Chanel 5076, but they were a bit big for my face, I went into an optometrists office in the mall and found a pair I liked. I liked that it was wrap and that it was more circular (like bug eyes) than square. Unfortunately, since I'm such a klutz, I've already scratched the case!

    I bought these so I can wear it in Vegas - I'm leaving tomorrow and going shopping at the Wynn, Bellagio and Caesars Forum :smile: I can't wait to go to the Chanel and LV boutiques!

    Sorry for the terrible pictures, I'm the worst photographer!
    Chanel Closeup 1 (600 x 450).jpg Chanel Side (600 x 450).jpg Chanel with case (600 x 450).jpg
  2. Love your sunnies ... I've been dying to buy a pair of Chanel sunnies! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. i love those! i wish those would fit my flat asian face!
  4. Are there different from the 5076? I have been dying for a pair of those but the 5076 doesn't fit my face!!! Can you tell me what's the style # of yours?
  5. The 5076 was more rectangle in shape and wider, I liked these because they were more round, and my face is small. The style number is 5084. HTH!
  6. I love those! Great choice :heart:
  7. Congrats Honu, glad you found a pair. Do you mind me asking who is your optometrists. I need to break down and get my eyes checked and if I do need glasses (which I think I do) I want Chanel frames. I have been to a few eye places in the mall that sell alot of designer frames, but not Chanels.

  8. Very cute pair, have a great time in Vegas!
  9. Michele: I got the sunglasses at my local mall in San Mateo, CA. I had to go back there today because I was looking at the inside of the temples and the "Made in Italy" words were faded! I only had it for one day! So I took it back and they gave me a new one.

    The name of the place is called Optical Illusions and their number is 650.341.8080.

  10. totally love the sunnies too!!! they're SO beautiful!!!
  11. thanks.... I will call and see if they have any stores over in the east coast. Have a wonderful trip!!!!

  12. Very pretty! Enjoy them and your trip to Las Vegas!
  13. VERY NICE! Have a great trip!
  14. Wonderful choice. Congrats!
  15. LOL those are the same ones I have :P
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