New Chanel Sunglasses

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  1. I don't know if I am posting old news or not! lol i'm new to Chanel. But last night i was looking at at sunglasses and i looked again tonight and it looks like there are a few new styles!
  2. Yes, including some special edition one's with crystals. Nice!
  3. It never ends. There is always something new to buy! :smile:
  4. I soooo want Chanel 4136. The aviator mask looks awesome. Or 4121..... but I think the crystals are too much since I'm a guy. But I like them! Oh well I plan on getting the mask soon!:heart:
  5. ^ The crystals were a little too much for me...i think i like them more simple!:yes:
  6. oooh! Is anyone tech savvy enough to get them and post them?
  7. here are the glasses 4121, 4136
    4121.jpg 4136.jpg
  8. here is some
    4128i have these.jpg 4136.jpg 4140q.jpg 4148b.jpg
  9. did not want to do more
    4148b.jpg 5113.jpg 6026b.jpg
  10. I love the 4121! Simple but gorgeous!:heart:
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