1. Lynne
    Chanel@Wynn Las Vegas

    This is my FAB SA that sent these.........they are in stock at her store.[​IMG]

  2. I love these bags... don't really love that they're not real leather however... or did I misread that in another thread?
  3. MY SA said the bottom of the metallic IS leather
  4. Love the metallic one, very downtown chic.
    Is the metallic part not leather? Say it ain't so!
  5. ooh I like both, does anyone know the price of the second one?
  6. I posted size and price in other SA thread
  7. Ah, thank you!
  8. Gorgeous bags!! And supposedly they are not leather! :heart:
  9. Thanks for posting these pics Jill!!!!! :yes:
  10. great pics! thanks for posting!
  11. oh my.. u mean the besides the top canvas bit.. the metallic parts are non-leather too? :sad: noooooooooooo....
  12. NO!The metallics ARE leather on bottom.My SA said so
  13. I love the metallic one! I'd be afraid of getting the top portion dirty though.
  14. What a nice SA to model for you and send you such great pics!
  15. I have been incredibly lucky to come across not one but TWO fab SA's from Chanel....I landed a soft chain today..and Im so incredibly excited to get it..ALL because these SA's were so good at locating me the bag!