New Chanel specialist at short hills NM

  1. I received a letter from a woman named Marta Palhano saying she's the new chanel specialist. Does anyone know her?
  2. That's nice of her to send out letters. I think you now have a good excuse to go and check out the stock over at NM....... and while you're there you could meet her in person also :graucho:
  3. I know her. Shes a nice lady. she was the head of the handbags department. However, due to Irina's dismissal I am now left in a lurch. I was waiting for a bag to come in, it came in, and was sold. Now I am hunting for my bags.
  4. I actually just came back. She seemed nice. I then went over to Chanel boutique. So dangerous!!!
  5. What is the "real" story about Irina. It seems something was just not"right" going on there.
  6. Lv2Shopp-pm me and I will tell you "what wrong down"
  7. can you share the info so we all know?
  8. I spoke to someone there yesterday and they said they are interviewing for the position. Marta was just filling in?
  9. no there will be two
  10. Ah. Good idea. Maybe then someone will answer the phone
  11. i have a friend who works there, what do you need?

  12. You're so sweet. That's ok. I spoke w/ my SA and he was able to help me.